The construction of a new roof for your home represents an important and major building project. As such, you need a team of professionals on your side who know how to deliver reliable, robust and affordable results. Here at Bluestone, our market leading roof construction services and our business as a whole were built upon these three core values.

As a leading roofing specialist serving London, Surrey and Kent, we know what it takes to deliver consistently remarkable results. What makes Bluestone different is the way in which we approach each roof construction project as unique opportunity to demonstrate what every roofer within our team is capable of. We design every new roof from scratch, in direct accordance with the requests and requirements of our clients. We cater to all needs and all budgets across the board, in order to ensure that the new roof we design for your residential property is both flawless and affordable.

Our experience extends to every type of residential property and roof construction project across the board. Before getting in touch with any other roofer or contractor, we’d be delighted to hear from you to discuss your requirements. For a free quotation or more information on any of our services, get in touch with the region’s number one roofing specialist today.

Roof Surveys & Quotation

The way we see it, every roof installation, repair and routine maintenance project should begin with a comprehensive survey. Roof surveys allow contractors to gain detailed insights into the current condition and requirements of the project, in order to provide an accurate and reliable roof quotation. Where roof surveys are given insufficient priority, the project as a whole can suffer as a result.

Bluestone Ltd is proud to offer a comprehensive range of roof quotation and surveying services, covering every type of residential property across the board. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in roof inspection and evaluation services, making it easy and affordable to determine your property’s requirements. Whether looking to go ahead with a complete new roof installation or simply in need of a few minor repairs, our in-depth roof surveys allow us to provide accurate and reliable quotations. What’s more, whatever roof repair cost you’re quoted by Bluestone, that’s the exact price you’ll pay – guaranteed!

We stand by the accuracy and fairness of our quotations and will not be beaten by any other roofing contractor in the area. For more information on any of our services or to arrange a roof quotation, the Bluestone customer service team is standing by to take your call.

Types of Roofs

With over 22 years proudly serving London and the South East, Bluestone Ltd has earned an unrivalled reputation for both quality and value for money. Our experience extends to all types of roofs for every shape, size and residential property specification across the board. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of flat roofs, pitched roofs and all other types of roofs for every home. Bluestone is committed to combining the values of a local construction company with the quality and performance of a major national contractor. Whether looking for the installation of a brand-new roof, routine roof maintenance or emergency roof repairs, Bluestone has you and your home covered!

Our portfolio of work includes countless examples of challenging installations and repairs, covering flat roofs and pitched roofs alike. What makes Bluestone different is our commitment to the creation of fully bespoke roofing packages for each and every customer. We take the needs, requests and budget restrictions of our clients into account, before creating a custom roofing solution of the highest quality. What’s more, we guarantee that both the quality of our work and the affordability of our services will not be beaten by any contractor in the region.

For more information on the types of roofs we specialise in or to discuss any of our services, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today.

Roof Insulation & Materials

If looking for an effective way to both keep your home warm and reduce your monthly energy bills, roof insulation is the best place to start. Thermal insulation can help ensure heat loss is minimised throughout the year, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors and minimise energy consumption. However, the quality of the roofing materials and insulation installed in your home will determine how effective this important line of defence will be.

Bluestone Ltd is proud to offer the industry’s most reliable and capable roof insulation services and materials, suitable for every type of residential property. We can provide you and your home with the most outstanding roofing materials to make a noticeable difference to the comfort of your interior living spaces. We offer various types of insulation to suit every type of property, working hard to keep our products and services as affordable and accessible as possible.

High quality roof insulation really can make an enormous difference in terms of energy consumption, heating bills and year-round comfort within your home. Particularly over the winter months, quality roofing materials and insulation can reduce residential heating costs significantly.

Get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today to discuss a bespoke roof insulation package.

New Roof – Where to start

Bluestone fully understands that the installation of a new roof represents a significant and daunting home improvement project. Which is why many of our customers find it difficult to know where to start. What’s the average cost to replace a roof? How do new roof costs differ from one type of roof to the next? How can you be sure that the rooftop quotes you are provided with are fair and accurate?

Since going into business, Bluestone Ltd has specialised in making premier new roof design and installation services as accessible and affordable as possible. What sets us apart from other construction companies is our commitment to bespoke solutions and the complete customer service package. Along with providing complete design and installation services, we also offer full property inspection services to provide reliable and accurate quotations. We ensure our customers are aware of every available option, in accordance with their requirements, budgets and overall expectations.

Whether ready to go ahead with a new roof installation or simply in need of support and advice, it all begins with a quick call to the Bluestone customer service team. Whatever it takes to enhance your home and exceed your expectations, we’ll provide you with the simplest, most effective and most affordable roofing services on the market.

Do I need planning permission for a New Roof?

It’s perhaps the single most commonly-asked question among our customers across the region:

Do I need planning permission for a new roof?

Across the United Kingdom, planning permission is a relatively complex issue that needs to be taken into account before undertaking any major home improvements. The reason being that even if you own your property outright, planning permission may still be required. It all depends on the type of property you live in, where it is located, its surroundings, its history and many other considerations. Which is why in some instances, you may need planning permission for a new roof.

On the plus side, determining whether or not you need planning permission for a new roof is actually quite simple. There are basically two ways of going about it – the first of which being to get in touch with your local council office directly. They should be able to tell you whether or not planning permission is required for your property. Alternatively, you can let the Bluestone team handle the inquiry as part of our comprehensive service package.

Should it turn out that planning permission for your new roof is required, we can help with the completion of the application. The requirement for planning permission need not stand in the way of your home improvements, though it always helps to have the professionals on your side!

For more information on anything to do with planning permission or any of our new roof installation services, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today.

Bluestone – Roofing Contractor

Proudly serving London and the South East of England for more than 22 years, Bluestone Ltd is the only name you’ll ever need for the highest-quality roofing services. What makes Bluestone different from every other roofing contractor in the area is our relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. From the smallest on-going maintenance jobs to the most extensive new roof construction and installation services, Bluestone proudly covers all residential requirements across the board. What’s more, as a customer-focused roofing contractor with the strongest small business values, we insist on creating bespoke service packages from scratch for each and every client without exception.

We understand and acknowledge the fact that your home is unique – so too should be the roofing services you’re provided with!

Along with unrivalled quality backed by our extensive experience in all types of residential roofing, we also work hard to offer affordable prices. We believe that the most outstanding quality roofing services should be accessible and affordable for every homeowner.

If you don’t see the service you require listed on our website, simply get in touch with the Bluestone Ltd customer service team to discuss your requirements.

New roof cost

Bluestone is committed to keeping new roof prices as low as possible for every property and every customer across the board. We take pride in calculating every new roof cost as meticulously and accurately as possible, in order to provide reliable quotations you can count on. Which means that when you receive an estimate from Bluestone, it’s an honest and accurate estimate from a responsible roofing contractor.

In order to determine the approximate new roof cost for your property, we’ll first need to carry out a comprehensive inspection and survey. By taking into account the specifics of your property, we’ll be able to provide you with an immediate and accurate estimate of the total new roof cost. If looking for an initial quotation by telephone, we can provide you with an overview of the average new roof prices for properties like yours. However, we can only offer accurate and reliable quotations by inspecting your property fully and discussing your requirements.

If you’d like to find out more about the costs of new roof installations, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today to organise an inspection of your property. For the total package of superior quality and unbeatable value for money, Bluestone has you and your home covered!

Call us today for a Free No Obligation Quote London: 020 3633 4247 – Kent: 01959 462 016

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With our years of experience within the building and construction sector we have delivered all types of building and renovation projects for luxury homes, through to general loft and kitchen extensions – view our core services below.


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