Bluestone Ltd specialises in the highest quality gutter repair and replacement services for London, Surrey, Kent and the South East of England. We offer fully bespoke service packages for every customer we work with, providing access to the most capable and elegant roof gutter hardware on the market. From the simplest of routine maintenance jobs to complete overhauls of your current gutters, Bluestone covers all bases for the most competitive price!

Over the course of time, every home guttering system requires a certain amount of maintenance and the replacement of key components. Our gutter repair and replacement services extend to every type of residential property and can be so tailored to suit all budgets. Whatever the size, type and exterior styling of your property, we will ensure you are provided with a bespoke solution that combines elegance with effectiveness in equal measures. For last-minute emergency repairs to planned upgrades and everything else besides, Bluestone would be delighted to enhance and improve your home with the highest-quality gutters and related hardware on the market.

For more information on any of our products and services or to discuss a quotation, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today.

Roof leak repair

Here at Bluestone Ltd, we understand the urgency that accompanies problems of any kind with your home’s roof. The way we see it, every leaking roof has the potential to pose a serious problem, unless dealt with as quickly as possible. Which is precisely why we offer a comprehensive range of roof leak repair services, including an urgent and emergency callouts where necessary. As one of the region’s most experienced and capable roofing contractors, we know how to deal with each and every emergency in a manner that’s effective, efficient and affordable.

The moment you detect even the slightest problem with a leaking roof is the moment you should get in touch with the professionals. Quite often, what starts out as a relatively minor issue can quickly develop into something that puts the safety of your entire home at risk. What’s more, the earlier you arrange for the required roof leak repairs to be carried out, the faster, easier and cheaper it will be to fix the problem. In all instances, the worst thing you can do is wait too long and run the risk of extensive damage being caused to the structure of your home.

For more information on any of our roofing repair services or to arrange a callout, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today.

Roof Trusses Repair

Roof trusses are among the most important components of any roof, contributing largely to the overall integrity of the roof structure. Should any roof trusses be damaged or compromised in any way, the entire structural integrity of your roof could also be compromised. From the gradual aging of the materials to damage caused while installing roof insulation, there are many reasons why truss repair may be necessary. Should you detect or suspect any problems, Bluestone can provide residential roof trusses repair of the highest quality and integrity.

When it comes to the structural integrity of your roof and your home in general, there is absolutely no margin for error. Our extensive experience and expertise in roof trusses repair enables us to carry out both minor and major corrective work and maintenance across every type of residential property. We stand by our work and guarantee both long-term value for money and priceless peace of mind. What’s more, we can offer a complete inspection service for the interior and exterior of your property’s roof alike, in order to identify where potentially urgent repairs may be needed.

For more information on our roof structure repair services or to arrange a quotation, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today.

Broken Roof Tile Repair

When it comes to broken roof tile repair, there are two ways to go. On one hand, you can pick up the tools and equipment to go about the job manually. Often risking life and limb in the process! Alternatively, you can hire an affordable roofing contractor to get the job done not only faster, but often for a cheaper price and with guaranteed results you can rely on. Bluestone Ltd is proud to offer a comprehensive range of broken roof tile repair services at highly competitive prices.

What seems to be a simple DIY tile repair or replacement job often turns out to be quite the opposite. Armed with extensive experience, expertise and the most advanced equipment the industry has to offer, we can provide you with affordable broken roof tile repair services to save you time, effort and perhaps money too. Our comprehensive range of services includes tile roof repair, slate roof repair, copper and lead roof repair – every roof repair service you could ever need. All with guaranteed low prices and the kind of customer commitment that has earned Bluestone an unrivalled reputation across the region.

So before diving into a DIY roof repair project of any kind, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team first to see what we can do for you.

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Complete Home Renovation, Extension and Roofing Services

With our years of experience within the building and construction sector we have delivered all types of building and renovation projects for luxury homes, through to general loft and kitchen extensions – view our core services below.


New Roofs

We design every new roof from scratch, indirect accordance with the request requirements of our clients


Roof Repairs

Comprehensive roof repair and maintenance services,  from minor repairs to complete overhaul


Loft Conversions

Specialising in 100%  bespoke loft conversions tailored to your requirements and budget


House Extensions

Our dedicated design team has experience with every type of home and home extension across the board


General Building

We have over 22 years experience providing  a complete  range of  commercial and domestic building services


Home Decoration

We offer a comprehensive range of superior-quality painting and decorating services, all backed by our guarantee of unbeatable quality.

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