Roofing Companies London Wide – Thinking About New Roofs

Roofing companies London based are on hand to supply new roofs to domestic and commercial customers across the capital and beyond. A roof is generally something that isn’t thought about until it needs replacing or repairing. At that point, customers can feel overwhelmed by the choices and ill equipped to make the decisions that they need to make. Consulting quality London roofing companies is one way to combat this, although it always helps to go into any discussion with at least a vague idea of what you’re talking about. This will also help you weed out the bad roofing contractors from the good ones.

Some Simple Questions To Ask About Your London Roofing Options

Selecting a new roof can be a daunting experience. However, as with all choices relating to the home, having a basic idea of what you’re looking for can help enormously. So, start by asking yourself a few questions. First of all, what (if any) restrictions are there in your area relating to roof type and materials? They vary across the country so it’s worthwhile checking. On a similar note, you’ll need to ascertain whether your new roof will require planning permission. This can be the case if it’s drastically different to the type of roof you previously had, and reputable roofing companies London based will be able to advise on this. Your house style and the types of material used in its construction will also dictate how heavy your roof can be. This, in turn, affects the types of materials you can use on the roof. These aren’t generally details about our homes and business premises that we have to hand so it might be time to dig out those surveys you had done when you first bought the property and see what information is listed there. Roofing contractors South London based should also be able to help you with this. The type of materials you choose for your roof will necessarily affect the price and so it’s worth looking at your options carefully in terms of longevity as much as cost. London flat roofing choices are becoming more fashionable in comparison to pitched roofs. Once you’ve started thinking about these types of details, you’ll probably find that South London roofing options are more interesting than you thought they could be!

Other Questions To Ask Of Roofers South London Wide

There are other factors that will impact on your choice when it comes to picking your new roof and, crucially, your new roofing contractor. For instance, roof slopes are important to ensure that there is enough of an angle for rainwater and debris to remove itself from the roof. Even so-called flat roofs have a slight pitch on them to ensure this drainage occurs. Pitch needs to work effectively for both the house and the materials; and it pays to ensure that you’re using professional roofers South London based who pay attention to the basics like this. There are many costly stories out there of roofers South West London based and elsewhere who are so focused on lowering costs that they forget to keep the basics in mind. When you’re looking for new roofing options, remember that this is an investment for your house or business. It may seem wise to limit the costs now, but you don’t want to have to do this all again in a few years. So, think about durable materials such as slate and whether these could fit into your plans. Again, consult with your chosen roofing contractor to work out whether slate is a viable option for your roof and your area. If you’re looking at flat roofs, there are pros and cons to most materials and so talking to an expert really is the best way of getting your facts straight. A roofing company like Bluestone Ltd is on hand at all stages of design and installation to ensure you’re getting the best roof for you.

Roofing Companies London Based Should Have Reputation Like Bluestone Ltd

Bluestone Ltd have over twenty years in the roofing business, which places us amongst the best of the best when it comes to roofs. We can tackle all types of London roofing issues, whether you’re seeking repairs, replacements or conversions. No job is too large or too small for us to take on, and we pride ourselves on a personal service that addresses each customer’s requirements rather than trying to implement a one-size-fits-all approach. Find out more about one of the best roofing companies London wide on our website at or by calling 01959 462 016.