You’ve been promising yourself some kind of home renovation for several years now. With 2018 already hitting its stride, you’ve finally decided to put an end to the procrastination and actually make things happen.

The question being – what London home renovation ideas are making waves right now?

As is the case with all examples of home improvements, it largely comes down to personal preferences. For some, the only home renovation ideas worth going with are those that involve major remodelling efforts like house extensions. For others, the very best home renovation ideas are also the simplest – a new coat of paint, change of flooring and so on.

Still, there will always be certain home renovation trends that capture the eye of professionals and proud homeowners alike. So as far as the coming year is concerned, what are the biggest and most popular London home renovation trends you can expect to see a lot of in 2018?

Major London Home Renovation Ideas for 2018

If you plan on taking things to extremes this year, there are a few major London home renovation ideas for 2018 you might want to consider. Examples of which include:

  • Home Extensions. A high-quality rear extension or double-story extension has the potential to transform your home quite spectacularly. As property prices across the UK continue to skyrocket, more homeowners than ever before are looking into home extensions as an affordable and accessible alternative to relocation.
  • Garden Landscaping. A professionally landscaped garden has the potential to bring not only enormous pleasure to the occupants of the home, but also work wonders for its overall value. If lucky enough to have a decent-sized exterior space anywhere in London, making the most of it is something of a no-brainer.
  • New Heating Systems. One of the savviest home renovation ideas in the case of countless London homes is the installation of a new heating system. Particularly in the case of properties that haven’t seen upgrades for many years or decades, a new heating system can transform the comfort and energy efficiency of any home. Underfloor heating systems in particular have shown enormous potential for increasing property values.
  • Loft Conversions. An increasingly popular alternative to traditional home extensions, loft conversions can significantly increase and enhance the living space and general versatility of any property. Given that space is often at a premium in cities like London, it’s easy to see why loft conversions are among the most popular home renovation ideas for 2018.
  • Kitchen Refits. Having become the official heart of the home, property owners in record numbers are investing heavily in the installation and enhancement of cutting-edge kitchens. A new kitchen has the potential to transform the functionality and enjoyment of just about any home of any size.

Accessible London Home Renovation Ideas for 2018

Of course, it may not be realistic for every homeowner to plan and undertake such significant home renovations in 2018. Nevertheless, there are plenty of less-intensive home renovation ideas for 2018 that are gaining similar traction across London and beyond:

  • Bold Colours and Features. Interior designers across the country are advising homeowners to make 2018 the year they finally stray from their comfort zone. Rather than sticking with the usual ‘safe’ standards, experimenting with a variety of bold colours and features comes highly recommended. The joy of painting being that you can always change your mind and change things back.
  • Kitchen Upgrades. It isn’t strictly necessary to refit an entire kitchen from top to bottom to improve its appeal and functionality. Upgrading a few appliances, installing new work surfaces, investing in new cupboards and so on – all the kinds of things that can make an enormous difference for minimal expense.
  • Patio installation. Contrary to popular belief, patio installation can be comprehensively affordable. Nevertheless, there is no better way of prepping your exterior living spaces for the spring and summer months ahead. The same also goes for exterior decking, which likewise has the potential to be surprisingly affordable and uniquely versatile.
  • Hard Flooring. Having already proved an explosively popular home renovation idea throughout 2017, there’s no stopping the hard flooring movement in 2018. In terms of cleanliness, hygiene, ease of maintenance and value for money, quality hard flooring offers so much and demands very little in return.
  • Garage Conversions. One of the best ways of extending a property for the lowest possible price is to consider the possibility of a garage extension. The beauty of garage extensions being that you make use of the space and structure you already have, creating an additional fully functional living space for the lowest possible price.

If you’re looking to explore the untapped value and potential of your home this year, it’s worth consulting with the experts. Consider the most popular London home renovation ideas for 2018 and discover the incredible ways in which your home could be improved and its value maximised.