It’s really not until you begin exploring the available options that you realise the extent to which an extension could transform your home. From comprehensive two-story extensions to simple garage extensions and all else besides, maximising your home’s hidden potential could be easier and more affordable than you’d expect.

The image you see here documents part of a project we recently undertook in Crayford, in which we designed and delivered an innovative garage extension.  When working with Bluestone, our customers benefit from our unique experience and expertise in all aspects of residential extensions and building works. This means that whether you already know exactly what you need or are or simply looking to explore the options available to you, we’re here to help!

Why Consider a Garage Extension?

Garage extensions have the potential to enhance and improve pretty much any residential property for the lowest possible price. The idea being that rather than going about a home extension in a traditional capacity, you simply make the best possible use of the space you already have available. It’s simply a case of considering whether or not your garage is currently serving an essential purpose. And if it isn’t, we’d highly recommend considering a garage extension.

If not already familiar with the concept, a garage extension transforms your garage into a fully functional living space. Regardless of whether or not the garage is directly attached to your home, chances are it has the potential to be converted into a living space for just about any purpose. Whether it’s an additional bedroom, a second living room, a dining room or an external room for use during the warmer months of the year, the options and opportunities really are endless. And given the fact that the room already exists in terms of its basic structure, it is simply a case of converting it as required.

Here at Bluestone, we can provide you with not only unrivalled experience and expertise, but also the inspiration you’ll need to realise your home’s full potential. Having carried out countless garage extensions across the country since going into business, we know exactly what it takes to transform lacklustre spaces into extraordinary additional rooms for the home. We’ll guide you through every step of the process from start to finish and provide you with an accurate quotation you can count on.

To learn more about our garage extensions services or to arrange an obligation-free consultation, get in touch with a member of the Bluestone customer service team today.