London Roofing Solutions – Know Your Roofing Options

London roofing options come in different shapes and sizes. Some companies specialise in one aspect of roofing while others offer a more comprehensive service. Some roofers and roofing companies in London are ambiguous about the type of work they do and which services they’ll undertake. This means that customers can sometimes feel as though they’re wasting their valuable time trying to understand an industry which is crucial to their home life. Whether you’re forced to repair or replace your roof, or whether you’re looking for options for your home extension, you should know what to expect from London roofing companies.

Common Problems With Roofs – When To Call In Roofing Companies London Wide

As good roofing companies London wide will tell you, roofs are subject to many pressures. They deal with all sorts of weather, withstanding the daily rigours of unexpected changes in conditions. So what issues might you run into with your roof and when should you call in London roofing experts? If you notice any leaks within your home, a root cause could well be your roof. However, the reason could be one of a number of things. For instance, the roof may have been poorly installed and faulty. The roof flashing, which seals the areas where your home is penetrated by things like pipes, might be poorly attached, meaning seams can open in the roof. The worst case scenario is that tiles have blown off and the overall puncture resistance of your roof is diminished. Punctures can be caused by various factors, from small animals to vicious weather conditions like hail. If you spot any problems such as leaks within the house or missing slates when your roof is viewed from a distance, it’s important to get them resolved as quickly as possible. Roofers South London wide can fix many roofing issues, but the longer you leave it, then necessarily the worse the problem; and the more expensive it will become to repair it.

Thinking About Replacing Your Roof? London Flat Roofing Options

If your need or want a new roof, you might be musing on the benefits of flat roofs over pitched roofs. Flat roofs are preferred for extensions and garages, along with other smaller structures. Having a flat roof installed is more economical and efficient as it doesn’t cost as much in terms of labour and there are fewer materials involved. It’s worth remembering that London flat roofing isn’t completely flat, as that would mean rainwater and debris couldn’t drain away. Instead, flat roofing contractors London wide will pitch your roof just a few degrees so that rainwater can roll off and there will be no issues arising from lingering puddles or debris. In this way, a flat roof can work as effectively as a pitched one, but be more economical to install. However, one reason that some homeowners still prefer pitched roofs is because they create extra space that flat roofs necessarily don’t. If you’re wanting to maximise the benefit of your extension, for example, a pitched roof can allow you the space to convert the loft into another room. Remember, though, that being able to do this comes with a price tag, as more materials and labour are required.

Why Choose A Roofer Who Is Also A Loft Conversion Company London Specialist?

While there are companies who solely offer loft conversion services, it’s worth remembering that all-round roofing contractors act as the best loft conversion company London based choices. This is primarily because they do offer a comprehensive service and so can fix more of the problems they come up against, compared to a contractor who only deals with loft conversions. Thanks to the diverse nature of their roles, general roofers often have wide-ranging knowledge and are able to apply that to the jobs they undertake. It’s also important to ensure, however, that the roofers you choose actually are loft conversion builders London based and that they have plenty of experience installing new lofts. The best way you can ascertain this is by looking at their website. Are loft conversions South London based or beyond mentioned just in passing? Does it look as though the contractor is simply covering their bases by appealing to all potential customers? Or do they have clear evidence of loft conversions in the form of case studies or reviews? Reputable and competent roofing contractors are always eager to supply such information, as they recognise that it helps new customers find them. If a contractor is reluctant to mention their successes, question why.

Ways To Spot Quality Roofing Contractors London Wide

As with all sectors, there is an inherent danger in roofing that the service you sign up for is not the service you end up receiving. This can obviously lead to you having to have the job redone, which may end up costing you double the amount. Essentially, you’ll pay to have the project completed twice – once badly and once properly. So research is important to ensure that the roofing contractors London based you choose are competent and able to deliver on their promises. The London roofing industry has its fair share of charlatans, but by taking steps to check a company is legitimate, you can save yourself much trouble. For instance, do your chosen roofing contractors London UK based have an active website? Something that’s thrown together quickly and with little attention to detail doesn’t speak of a quality contractor. Equally, do they have a track record that they can point to? Companies with no testimonials or reviews should be avoided, however cheap the prices they try and lure you in with. If you’re searching for a quality roofing company in London that is able to meet every customer’s requirements for roofs and roofing repairs, look no further than the experts at Bluestone Ltd.

Bluestone Ltd Are London Roofing Experts With Motivation

At Bluestone Ltd, we have over 22 years providing quality services to domestic and commercial customers across South London and beyond. We’ve worked hard to build up a reputation as London roofing specialists with a difference. That difference comes partly through our dedicated design and roofing teams who are committed to ensuring that every project fulfils the criteria set by the client during the briefing stage. If you want to learn more about our roofing services, you can visit our website at You can also call us on 01959 462 016 to chat about your roofing needs and how we can help.