London Flat Roofing Options – Know Your Flat Roofs

London flat roofing choices are becoming more fashionable in comparison to pitched roofs. They save space and are especially effective on smaller structures including garages, dormers and extensions. If you’re having an extension built on your home, whether you want a flat or a pitched roof on it is often one of the first conversations you’ll have. Hopefully, you’ll have these conversations with a professional London roofing company representative, who is able to explain the pros and cons of flat and pitched roofs, along with stating what would be the best option for your home. As every house is different, roofing advice must be tailored to your own home.

Benefits Of Flat Roofs Offered By London Roofing Specialists

A flat roof isn’t actually flat. If it was, it wouldn’t drain away water or debris and the roof wouldn’t last very long at all. Instead, London flat roofing choices have a slight pitch to them, usually of just a few degrees. This allows water to drain away and debris to be washed away as it should be. Essentially, a flat roof is a base that is fitted to the structures of the ceiling before being covered with a waterproof membrane. As you can likely tell from this description, flat roofing in London is more economical than pitched roof solutions. It requires far less material than pitched roofs and is much quicker to install. In some cases, a flat roof can be installed in less than a day. The waterproof membranes used for flat roofs have evolved tremendously since they were first brought into usage. This means that problems with blistering and water pooling have practically been eliminated – as long as the roof is installed properly. It’s important when looking at flat roofing contractors London wide that you learn what materials they use and elicit an explanation as to why they believe those materials are best for your property. As ever, knowledge is power; and contractors who communicate with you effectively are generally the ones you can trust. Watch out for the guarantees offered on the roof materials and how much the overall cost is going to be. Roofing contractors London based are not all about new roofs. Reputable roofing experts are always clear about these things from the very start of your conversations with them.

Thinking About Flat Roof Repairs London Wide

It’s true that having a flat roof installed is one thing and having it maintained and repaired is quite another. Flat roof repairs London wide can be considered a specialism, and not all the companies that install flat roofs are equally as keen to repair them. Flat roofs are susceptible to leaks, but they can be easily patched and repaired in the right hands. It’s important to recognise that cheap repair options will not only damage your home in the medium term, but they won’t do your bank balance any good either as you’ll be forced to pay for the repairs twice. Common causes of damage requiring London flat roof repair include, for instance, the material coming away from the wall. This is especially common when you’re dealing with an extension, as the flat roof will be up against a different material on that side. There can also be problems with foreign objects landing on the roof. This could be roof tiles from the pitched roof beside it or something blown up there by heavy winds. Problems can also occur where the roofing material meets the guttering. In terms of repairs, you should always choose a contractor with a good track record of repairing flat roofs. They are a completely different animal to pitched roofs, utilising different materials and techniques. Therefore, it isn’t appropriate to expect a pitched roof expert to naturally be able to fix problems on flat roofs. Choose a company like Bluestone Ltd, which has a strong reputation for repairing all types of roofs.

Your London Flat Roofing Contractor Of Choice Is Bluestone Ltd

If you’re searching for quality London flat roofing, choose Bluestone Ltd. We know that our clients want a few basic things from us – clarity, honesty, integrity and quality. We strive to deliver on all counts. We’ve been in the London roofing business for over twenty years and we know that the only way to survive as a company is to put customers first. So, if you contact us in search of a flat roof, we’ll work hard to ascertain it’s the right option for you and work out how best to install it for you. Learn more on our site at or by calling 01959 462 016.