Loft Conversion Company London Based Can Advise On Different Types Of Conversion

Loft conversion company London wide options are numerous, but they come with one basic promise – to increase the amount of space you have in your home. It might be that you’re looking to increase the living room available for your family or that you’re looking to sell or rent your property. Either way, it can be easy to get locked into confusion where loft types are concerned. This is the point where hiring quality London roofing experts can really pay dividends. Before you go into any sales situation, though, it’s always worth ensuring that you know the basics about the service you’re purchasing.

There Are Several Loft Types London Roofing Options Offer

No doubt you’re looking for the best loft conversion company London wide to ensure that your new loft is going to be both beautiful and safe. As well as this, though, you need to ensure that you understand the differences between various loft types; and the one you choose will depend on your home. For instance, rooflight conversions are the simplest type of conversion because they use the existing space available. This type of conversion is often recommended by loft conversion builders London based where possible, because of its relative simplicity in comparison to other options. It consists of setting windows into the slope of the roof to bring daylight in; and then installing elements such as insulation to ensure that the heat lost by the house is minimal. This is obviously important because homes generally use the loft space as a place for insulation material. Hiring a loft conversions South London company to convert your space for an alternative use clearly means that this level of insulation will be reduced, and so it’s important that they do their best to mitigate that problem. If you’re in doubt about this, be sure to ask your chosen roofers. There are a couple of other elements which are integral to the success of a new rooflight conversion loft. First of all, be sure that your roofer is adept at plastering, so your new loft has a good finish. Equally, it’s absolutely vital that the floor should be strengthened to guarantee it can hold the weight of both furniture and people.

Other Conversions Offered By Loft Conversion Specialists London Based

There are other types of loft conversion offered by specialist installation experts in London and beyond. For instance, a dormer conversion gives full headroom and increased light in comparison to a rooflight conversion. It involves the altering the structure of your roof at the sides or the rear, and a large box dormer is added there. This affords more light than rooflight conversions; but, as any loft conversion specialists London wide will tell you, you may need planning permission to alter the structure of your home in this way. Therefore, it’s worth checking the regulations in your area to check whether there are restrictions and what sort of obstacles you’re going to face. This is also the case for hip to gable conversions, which are found on the sides of houses, generally either terraced or semi-detached ones. This involves the sloping side roof being removed, with the end wall then being built up to form a new vertical gable. On a similar note, gable to gable conversions have a large box extension that goes between both ends of the house. In some cases, your builders will be required to lengthen the gables to ensure they can act as bookends to the conversion. There are also options for Mansard conversions, which create extra volume within the loft; and modular conversions, which are essentially another module added to the house. When you’re searching for London loft conversion specialists, be sure that you’re working with a company like Bluestone Ltd who can assist in every way.

Choose Bluestone Ltd As Your Loft Conversion Company London Based

At Bluestone Ltd, we have decades of experience to put to use in creating your perfect loft. As an experienced London roofing company, we know that we need to get it right. Clients put their trust in us on a daily basis and we endeavour to install the best loft for their needs. If you’re looking for a loft conversion company London based that will advise appropriately and install professionally, trust in us. You can find our website, containing some past projects, at You can also contact us by phone on 01959 462 016 to learn more about our conversion services.