Loft Conversion Builders London – Creating An Extra Bathroom

Loft conversion builders London wide are able to create beautiful and useful new spaces and rooms in your existing loft space. The work required to create this space depends on the intended purpose. While a simple storage area requires little work, an extra bedroom or bathroom requires a great deal more planning, preparation and change to make it work effectively. Understanding the different elements that need to be considered is especially important if you are considering adding a bathroom in your loft space. Here, we look at some of the major considerations that you and your loft conversion company London specialist need to take into account.

One of your first considerations needs to be the position of the new bathroom, and especially of any water and waste pipes that must be installed. The closer your loft conversion contractors London based can position the new bathroom to the existing one, the easier the pipes can be installed, and generally the cheaper the build. Windows are another consideration. While you want to add space and light, you also need to consider the privacy of the bathroom user. If you are adding a shower into your new bathroom, you need to consider the type of shower you have, particularly in relation to water pressure – electric power showers are often the most popular for this reason.

Flooring, electrics and suitable ventilation are just some of the other considerations that need to be discussed with your London roofing and building company if you want to add a bathroom as part of your loft conversion. At Bluestone Ltd, we support our customers through every step of their loft conversion from planning to adding the finishing touches. See some of our previous conversions at If you are unsure where to start with your project, then email your questions to, and one of our team of loft converters London based specialists will get back to you. Alternatively, give us a call on 01959 462 016.