With our help, living in a small home doesn’t have to mean living with insufficient space. Bluestone Ltd is proud to offer the most innovative, intelligent and affordable small house extensions for all types of residential properties. We can offer small extensions to expand your current living spaces or large extensions to create brand-new additional living spaces. If you’ve been considering building an extension for your home but aren’t quite sure of the options available, Bluestone would be delighted to show you the way!

Whatever the size, specification and style of your home, chances are it could be improved and enhanced with a quality extension. Our bespoke small house extensions are all about making the most dynamic use of whatever space you have available. Even where available space is minimal, we can design the kind of extension that’s guaranteed to make a huge difference.

Over the past 22 years, we’ve worked hard to become a recommended contractor with a reputation that exceeds that of the average builder. It’s by putting both quality and customer services above everything else that Bluestone has become a recognised leader in high-quality, low-cost home extensions.

For more information or to discuss the most dynamic extension options for your home, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today.

Terraced house extension

Explore the hidden potential of your home with a high quality terraced house extension, designed and installed by the experts. Bluestone specialises in 100% bespoke home extension design solutions for every type of residential property. If the costs of building an extension have so far prevented you from exploring the possibilities, we’d love to show you exactly what we can do for your home!

A terraced house extension can transform a terraced property of any size like no other home improvement. With more than 22 years’ experience as a committed local business, we know how to maximise the potential of every type of residential property. Small or large, traditional or modern, our experience as an independent contractor extends to every extension specification across the board. What’s more, as every service we offer is tailored in accordance with the needs of our customers, we keep the cost of building an extension for your home as low as possible.

Bluestone’s reputation has been built on our founding principles of honesty, integrity and relentless commitment to quality. Whatever it takes to provide you and your home with an innovative, elegant and affordable extension, you can count on the Bluestone team to deliver.

For more information or to discuss a terraced house extension quotation, our customer service team is standing by to take your call.

Call us today for a Free No Obligation Quote London: 020 3633 4247 – Kent: 01959 462 016

Complete Home Renovation, Extension and Roofing Services

With our years of experience within the building and construction sector we have delivered all types of building and renovation projects for luxury homes, through to general loft and kitchen extensions – view our core services below.


New Roofs

We design every new roof from scratch, indirect accordance with the request requirements of our clients


Roof Repairs

Comprehensive roof repair and maintenance services,  from minor repairs to complete overhaul


Loft Conversions

Specialising in 100%  bespoke loft conversions tailored to your requirements and budget


House Extensions

Our dedicated design team has experience with every type of home and home extension across the board


General Building

We have over 22 years experience providing  a complete  range of  commercial and domestic building services


Home Decoration

We offer a comprehensive range of superior-quality painting and decorating services, all backed by our guarantee of unbeatable quality.

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