The highest-quality house extensions for residential properties to suit all budgets, brought to you by Bluestone Ltd. We’re proud to offer the region’s most reputable, reliable and affordable home improvements, specialising in 100% bespoke services of a higher calibre. With more than 22 years’ experience across London, Surrey, Kent and the South East, we know what it takes to consistently exceed the expectations of every customer.

House extensions represent a major undertaking for your property, demanding meticulous attention to detail from start to finish. Here at Bluestone, each of our extension builders brings proven pride and passion to every job, building an extension that does justice to both your home and our reputation. We can provide a wide variety of home extensions to suit any residential property, regardless of its size, type, age or current styling. From your initial design consultation to the application of those all-important finishing touches, you can count on the total support of the Bluestone team!

As a trusted local business, you can rely on our advice as 100% independent, impartial and customer-focused. For more information or to arrange a consultation, get in touch with the Bluestone customer service team today.

Home Extensions – with a difference

What makes the difference with Bluestone home extensions? It’s simple really – a level of quality, design prowess and value for money that can’t be beaten! With more than 22 years’ experience proudly serving the region, we’ve come to know what it takes to consistently exceed expectations. We offer nothing but 100% bespoke solutions, tailored to meet the exact needs and budgets of our clients to the finest detail. What’s more, we view home extensions as valuable opportunities to extend both our reputation and portfolio of superior work. Flawless results being the only results we’re willing to accept, both for our clients and ourselves.

Our dedicated design team has experience with every type of home and home extension across the board. Whether looking for something subtle, significant or simply spectacular, we’ll provide you with a one-of-a-kind solution like no other. We’ve never believed in generic designs – everything we design for every client we work with is unique. Which also allows us to keep all home extension costs as low as possible.

If you’d like to discuss the options and begin exploring your home’s hidden potential, the Bluestone customer service team is standing by to take your call. For independent, no-obligation advice from a local contractor you can trust, you’re in safe hands with Bluestone!

Choosing the right Extension Builders

When going about major improvements like these, nothing matters more than choosing the right extension builders for your home. In terms of quality, value for money, reliability and even safety, extension builders vary enormously from one to the next. So if you’re looking to find a builder you can trust, you need to be proactive about it.

Always work exclusively with recommended builders that have earned the support and trust of the local community. Builders public liability insurance is also a must, as is plenty of experience in residential extension projects. Value for money matters, as does guaranteed quality and the total customer care package from start to finish. Given the importance of your home, there’s no room for second-best when the time comes to choose from the available extension builders in your area.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality extension builders who tick all the above boxes, look no further! Bluestone Ltd was established to bring London and the South East a new standard in honest, reliable and affordable construction services. From guaranteed quality to the reputation we’ve built over the past 22 years, Bluestone has you and your home improvement needs covered!

Give the Bluestone team a call today for more information on any of our services.

House Extension cost

Here at Bluestone, we work with a dynamic pricing structure to guarantee each and every customer the most competitive price. Whatever your budget, your house extension cost will be determined in accordance with the specifics of the installation. While we’re happy to provide a rough estimate upon request, an accurate quote can only be offered when we know the full details of your home and the extension you require.

With such an extension range of home extension types available, we have options to suit every taste and budget across the board. We always work hard to keep every house extension cost as low as possible, creating 100% bespoke solutions for every client we work with. In addition, should you need any further help considering the available options to finance your house extension, the Bluestone customer service team is standing by the help.

If the prospect of an elevated house extension cost has previously put you off the idea of extending your home, we’d love to hear from you. With our help, your home’s appeal, comfort and value could be taken to the highest possible level for a surprisingly affordable price!

For more information or to arrange a quotation, get in touch with the extension design team here at Bluestone today.

Call us today for a Free No Obligation Quote London: 020 3633 4247 – Kent: 01959 462 016

Complete Home Renovation, Extension and Roofing Services

With our years of experience within the building and construction sector we have delivered all types of building and renovation projects for luxury homes, through to general loft and kitchen extensions – view our core services below.


New Roofs

We design every new roof from scratch, indirect accordance with the request requirements of our clients


Roof Repairs

Comprehensive roof repair and maintenance services,  from minor repairs to complete overhaul


Loft Conversions

Specialising in 100%  bespoke loft conversions tailored to your requirements and budget


House Extensions

Our dedicated design team has experience with every type of home and home extension across the board


General Building

We have over 22 years experience providing  a complete  range of  commercial and domestic building services


Home Decoration

We offer a comprehensive range of superior-quality painting and decorating services, all backed by our guarantee of unbeatable quality.

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