Flat Roofing In London – Choosing The Right Roof Material

Flat roofing in London is still common on many houses and businesses, and despite having a mixed reputation, flat roofs can be just as secure and weatherproof as any other type. However, this is only true if the right materials are used and the roof is well maintained. There are several choices when it comes to materials for a flat roof, and each has its own benefits and issues. When choosing the right material to install on your flat roof, your London roofing company needs to consider the strength of the supporting structure and the potential uses of that roof.

If a flat roof doubles as a roof terrace or garden, then the materials used in that flat roof installation London wide need to be sturdier than if it is simply a protective, weatherproof covering. Similarly, if you have sky lights in the roof, then these need to be taken into consideration when choosing the materials for the roof. One of the most commonly used materials for a flat roof is felt. It is often top of the list because it is relatively cheap and can be used on roofs of all sizes. However, older felt systems have a poor reputation and it is not suitable for regular footfall.

A cost-effective alternative to felt often recommended by fibreglass roofing contractors London wide is asphalt. This is known to be hard wearing and has a long life span. Again, it is suitable for all sizes of roofs. However, it is a heavy material that requires a strong roof structure to support it effectively. Another option that is popular is EPDM rubber. It is lightweight, hardwearing and flexible, making it easy to install. However, it isn’t the prettiest material when finished and is often subject to shrinkage, which can cause problems over the longer term. This also means that it is not suitable for use where complex detailing is required.

Fibreglass flat roofing London and beyond is becoming an increasingly popular choice for flat roofs. It is hardwearing and lightweight, and provides a nice finish as well as a long lifespan. Care needs to be taken when newly laid, though, because it can be slippery. Regardless of the material you choose, you need a roofing company that knows how to install it properly. That is exactly what you get with London flat roofing company Bluestone Ltd. Our team of contractors are highly skilled and experienced, and will always put your needs first. Learn more by visiting https://www.southlondon-roofing.co.uk today.