Best Loft Conversion Company London – The Importance Of Planning

Best loft conversion company London? If this is something you are looking for in order to transform your loft into a more usable space, then it is crucial to start with detailed planning. Failing to plan properly for your conversion could leave you with an unusable space, or one that is not fit for your intended purpose. Planning must include knowing whether planning permission is required for your conversion or whether it simply needs to meet current building regulations. This is something your London roofing and building company, along with your local planning office, can help you with.

As well as permissions, you need to ensure that your loft is suitable for conversion. This will depend on how your home has been constructed and the headroom that is available. The space required will depend on the intended purpose of the conversion. Therefore, knowing what you want to use the space for is important. You should discuss this with several highly recommended loft conversion companies London wide, and be prepared to make changes based on their input and current regulations for heating and ventilation, as well as fire regulations. This will affect the placement and type of windows you have, as well as the type of access that is needed to the new loft space.

At Bluestone Ltd, an experienced loft conversion company London based, we realise that converting your loft is a major project and one that can affect the value of your home as well as your living experience. This makes us the best loft conversion company in London for your project. We take the time needed to walk you through the planning process and to ensure that you have all the right permissions from the very beginning. Our team are experienced and up-to-date with current building, and health and safety regulations, so you can be confident in the advice you receive. You can see some of the projects we have been involved in previously at If you have any questions about your project, then call us on 01959 462 016.