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Traditional roofs made of wooden shingles or slate or even metal all have inherent drawbacks in that they are exposed to the elements and sooner or later deteriorate. This results in formation of cracks through which moisture enters and then further damages the roof leading to leaks during rains. As one of the leading South London roofers, we have tried out various materials in construction of roofs and to our knowledge and in our experience there is nothing that comes close to fiberglass roofs.

As the leading South London roofers we strive to maintain our market position through providing customized services and ensuring total client satisfaction.  When it comes to GRP fibreglass roofing we understand its properties best and use to the best advantage for our clients. It is the nearest that can be labeled “fit and forget” roofing.

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We take pains to either source readymade articles from only reputed and reliable suppliers or even go to the trouble of moulding the shingles/tiles/sheets from our sub-contractors in the colour shade and texture desired, using UV resistant resins(ultraviolet radiation stabilized resins means your roof stays and looks fresh even after being exposed to sunlight for years)  and the best hand lay up techniques. Each such sheet or tile is fabricated to the desired thickness with the right proportions of resin and glass fibre to take overloads, provide perfect interlocking fitting and act as a barrier against moisture, rain and dust.  Should you need it we can even make these fire resistant and sound proof. At South London Roofing client’s interests are paramount.

what is Fibreglass? (GRP - glass reinforced polyester)

This is a highly versatile material used in fabricating and moulding virtually any article for home, commercial or industrial use. Glass strands are impregnated in polyester resin and the resulting matrix is extremely strong and durable with a high tensile strength, ability to take flexural stress and impacts. It is also light in weight. Since liquid resin is used, which eventually polymerises to a hard impermeable and chemical resistant layer, it can be shaped and moulded and coloured and also given a texture. It can be made nearly transparent, translucent or opaque.  

We have been using this versatile construction material since decades and have developed an expertise and an in-depth knowledge about its use and applications and can claim to be the leading fiberglass experts of South London roofers. The resin used in the moulding of fiberglass roofing sheets, shingles or tiles determine its life and durability and quality.

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Whether it is garages, sheds, car bays, porches, canopies, shelters or even the roof over your house, there is a fiberglass roofing solution for each. We, at South London roofers, take pride in offering a complete range of fiberglass coverings. This can be plain sheetings, coloured translucent/transparent sheeting or even sheetings with designs incorporated. GRP fiberglass roofing can be either flat or corrugated ones with purlins and water drainage solutions all integrated to give a unified look and appearance. If you like we can offer faux pas roofing shingles which resemble clay traditional shingles but are actually made of weather and corrosion resistant fiberglass.  In addition to being UV resistant, this roofing is also treated to be water repellent, coated with a special silicone layer which actually repels water so you get double benefits. As your South London roofers, we think of all possibilities and try to cover all angles. Even the metallic fittings used are weather proofed! Fire resistant and sound insulation can also be added if so desired.

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