Home Extensions and Building Extensions

A house is an extension of yourself and gives every viewer a fairly good idea about your personality. Just as a person would enhance his personality through grooming, education and manners, a house too can stand to gain vastly if extended with proper care and attention so that the extension is a harmonious whole, not a sore thumb sticking out.  If you are a home owner in South London, getting a house extension in South London firm specialized in such extensions would give you the perfect results. If you have plenty of space around your house, it would be wise to enhance it aesthetically through a planned, well-designed and executed extension. Extensions add value to the property.

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House extension in South London provides that much desired space that a family needs as it grows. Today your children are small. Tomorrow they will need their own individual spaces. House extensions are the way to go.  If you are thinking of this seriously come to us, we do house extensions in South London and have a vast number of happy and satisfied clients. As specialists in this particular field, we have the complete team from architects, engineers, designers, interior decorators and even landscape people who all provide the inputs at the design stage so that the result is pleasing and highly satisfactory. 

House Extension South London: How Our Experts Work

If you are planning a house extension in South London, you are welcome to drop in on us and talk to our team. It all starts with an idea—extending the house. Our design/concept team will get into action and come up with plans and even give you a 3D computer simulation of what the extended house will be like. A period house will necessitate an extension which maintains the theme. A modern brick-cement-steel-aluminum-glass house will similarly call for an extension along the same lines. What you can do is simply give us an idea of what you are looking for, what you will be using the space for and your plans. Then our team will come up with ideas and we will progress further from concept to design to the actual contract, work out costs, materials, time schedule and all minor and major details in close consultation with our clients.

To us house extension South London simply does not mean the exteriors. The interiors are just as important and here again we have a different team to help you with the decision making and selection process of the materials, finish, appearance and even the interior paint, tiles, fittings and all other minute details which go to creating a perfect interior that  blends seamlessly with the existing house theme.  Whether you plan to use the extension as a gym, a lounge, a bedroom, kitchen or work or play area, you can be assured the outcome will be satisfactory. Simply assign the work to us and we take care of the entire work, complying with rules, regulations, bye-laws and everything else that is associated with house extensions South London.

At the end of it, the effect will be really pleasing and satisfactory. This is something we can assure you based on feedbacks we have from our past clients who all said they did not expect things to turn out the way they did and results surpassed expectations from house extensions South London. We will be happy to provide clients’ testimonials and you may even talk direct with them.  At house extensions south London we are not unduly modest about our achievements.

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Why not call us and then drop in on us to discuss your house extension South London ideas? We are just a phone call away. You will be happy you did take the trouble.